Air Handling Units RAH

Climaeuro RAH Air Handling Units have been designed to satisfy the specific requirements in air conditioning and heating, for comfort and special application as hospital, industrial, alimentary and pharmaceutical applications. The range is composed by 35 models, with single or double fans, covering an airflow range from 1.000 m3/h to 200.000 m3/h.
Thanks to their modular sections and the high dimensional flexibility, to the complete range of components, accessories and optional available, to the fast assembly with break points and assembly system and fully accessibility and maintenance possibility, RAH Air Handling Units are among the best and the most reliable on the market With a pentapost construction made by aluminium frame and nylon fibre glass-stiffened angles, it is available with 25 or 50 mm. panel thickens, sandwich type with skins made of galvanised or pre-pained, peralluman, anodised aluminium, stainless steel 304 o 316 metal sheet, factory insulated with polyurethane foam (45 kg/m3 density) or mineral wool (90 kg/m3 density).
Thanks to the special system for panel installation, it is provided of internal side completely flush and with rounded corner, avoiding internal screw and point where dusty can accumulate; High energy class is warranted by high efficiency motors, high performance recovery system and proper design to minimize pressure drop and absorbed currents.
The units is provider of many features able to provide really high air quality, such as inspection doors for cleaning, coils and other components removable, sloped drain pan, special treatment on all parts and components of the units.
A wide range of options and accessories are available, to provide a complete and customizable installation.
For more information refer to the available documentation.