Climaeuro high focuses on the design phase, thanks to relevant commitment in the research and design. The design is fully customized based on client specifications, assuring high flexibility and respect of customer requirements. Climaeuro products are fully designed by owned software using 3D technology and by high qualified and specialized technicians.


Using last generation machines for metal works, injection and assembly, Climaeuro production is structures around several production lines, depending on the product and the complexity and standardization of it. High level software are used in all CAD-CAM application, focusing on flexibility, waste reduction and efficiency.

A strict Quality Policy is implemented at all the steps, by clear and advanced procedures and checks, warranting a defect free product. A safe and comfortable production environment is a primary point in Climaeuro policy.


All Climaeuro products are tested according to standard quality procedures during and at the end of their production cycle. Performance tests are also available. On request Climaeuro can perform field measurement and tests thanks to availability of well trained and qualified team.