The buildings we live in, offices we work in, products we consume, cars we drive and the energy we use, for all a clean and high quality air is a necessity.
Climaeuro provides a wide range of filtration solutions. The aim is to protect people, products and processes against the pollution in the outside air and protect the environment against the emission caused by industrial processes.

Available filters are:

  • G1 – G4: Course Filters
  • M5 – M6: Medium Filters
  • F7 – F9: Fine Filters , in both rigid and soft bag version
  • E10 – E12: Efficiency Particulate Air (EPA) Filters
  • H13 – H14: High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters
  • Carbon and chemical filters
Also, many accessories such as frames, boxes, manometers, …. are available.
For more information refer to the available documentation and/or contact Climaeuro Technical Office.