Ducted fan coil unit high static pressure.

New series of terminal FOHN are ideal for small centralized and reduced height air conditioning system, with air distribution in the environment by ducts. The new range has a height of 300 to 375 mm and has been developed with high quality components, safeguarding the ease of installation, accessibility and maintenance operation by the final installer.

The terminal of series FOHN provides easily accessibility and maintenance thanks to the filter that can be removed from the bottom and the sides, without ant tool, the plate of the fan assembly that can be removed without needing duct disconnection (this operation  can be done from the front or the bottom), the accessibility to internal components that occurs from the bottom panel

High prevalence fans are sized to provide 70 Pa or 150 Pa of external static pressure at nominal flow.

It is available in five sizes, with cooling capacity up to 27 kW and airflow up to 4000 cm/h, with AC or EC motors and horizontal or vertical installation.

It is also available with single or double skin panel and it is provided of wide range of accessories.