Plate heat exchanger

Most buildings using energy for heating, cooling, ventilation or any sort of industrial process have the potential to benefit from the application of heat recovery devices and system.
Recuperator technology is by far the most common form of air-to-air heat recovery and is used in a variety of air handling units with different air volumes. This technology can be linked with additional heating and cooling coils to reduce the amount of energy required to maintain internal conditions.
The plate type heat exchangers consist of a number of specially shaped, highly conductive aluminum plates, arranged in a cross flow shape and enable transfer of heat between exhaust air and return air, without mixing the two air streams with each other.
This system can operate between -30°C and 90°C temperatures. Depending on application, plates may be of corrosion proof aluminum or stainless steel. To prevent freezing at low temperatures or for free cooling application, systems with a bypass damper, are used.
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