Droplet eliminators

In every application where condensate is generated by a cooling coil or everywhere there is the need to separate water droplet from airstream, it is necessary to install a droplet eliminator.
The droplet eliminator is able to remove the water droplet from the airstream avoiding to get water accumulation downstream of it, in the duct or inside and air handling units, providing in this way also higher air quality, removing possible causes of corrosion or the growth of bacteria and mildew.
Climaeuro droplet eliminators will satisfy the highest demands in terms of separation performance, material and profitability. Our broad range of products and our long-term experience enables us to offer separators for any type of application
Our range includes profiled droplet eliminators. The optimum choice of construction, fins shape and width and fins steps depends on the application.
For more information refer to the available documentation and/or contact Climaeuro Technical Office.